Cooling System Service


Under The HoodKeep your car running smoothly year-round by having your cooling system flushed and refilled with fresh antifreeze/coolant according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule.

Over time, antifreeze/coolant breaks down and can lose many of its protective properties, and can even cause radiator rust and corrosion. The cooling system itself can get clogged with built-up deposits from oil, grease, scale, hose decomposition, and other materials.

      We will:

  • Drain and flush the entire cooling system
  • Refill it with fresh Zerex® Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Check for leaks, check all hoses, clamps and the radiator cap

     Under the Hodd - small                   Did You Know?

There are 3 different types of antifreeze/coolant and they're not compatible with each other. Plus, using the wrong type for your car can damage your cooling system. We'll make sure you get the right type of antifreeze/coolant for your car or truck.






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Xerex AntiFreeze/Coolant  Xerex G-05 AntiFreeze/Coolant

Zerex 5/100 formula provides superior protection for automobiles and light-duty vehicles. It is the only conventional antifreeze with a 5-year/100,000-mile money-back guarantee.

  • Helps prevent rust and corrosion

  • Helps prevent hot weather boil-overs and cold weather freeze-ups

  • Protects all cooling system metals including aluminum